Cad Services
Metal Fabrication Steel and aluminium construction form the DNA of our company. Whether it’s set fabrication or engineering and machining, our team creates everything from resilient structures to intricate designs, meeting every detail of the brief and delivering inspired builds.
Joinery Our skilled joiners work with traditional timber set construction as well as new materials such as composites, laminates, acrylics and polycarbonates, creating beautiful forms and surfaces for the stage.
Scenic Finishing The high standard of scenic finishes that are needed for live and HD audiences push our experienced artists across a range of disciplines, from trompe l’oeil and faux finishes to gilding and spray painting.
Sculpting and moulding Our sculpting team have the experience to produce 3D forms in many materials, including polystyrene, polyfoam, fiberglass, and clay. From large figurative sculptures to multiple moulded shapes, they consider every aspect of the piece to create an immersive finish.
Integrated lighting and video By integrating lighting and video flex into stage set design, we have mastered the potential of existing products and created striking controllable effects that takes the final performance to another level.

And as LED and video have become increasingly popular, we hold a large hire and sale stock so we can incorporate these elements before the set reaches the venue—ultimately saving build time on site.
Cad Services Our experienced design department draft in both 2D and 3D. This way we’re able to explore and develop projects in CAD, spotting any challenges early on and working with the team to modify the design if need be.